EST 2005

"It's only Monday, this is going to get a whole lot worse." ~Beck

Created by: Matt Hawkins, Aron Coleite & Tyler Kirkham
Key Artists: Tyler Kirkham, Marc Silvestri
Genre: Action/Adventure

Formed when the number of terrorist attacks on American soil reached a frequency that was too much for normal law enforcement to handle, the FBI's Violent Incident Control Enforcement unit (V.I.C.E.) exists to deal with the most dangerous and volatile situations. Composed of individuals with amazing abilities including telekinesis, telepathy, errokinetics, precognition and more; the team deals with the direst situations with threaten to destroy the American way of life. If only they can do it without killing each other...

The FBI's Violent Incident Control Enforcement unit, also known as V.I.C.E, is a specialized division of unique individuals whose sole job is to keep shit from hitting the proverbial fan. They deal with the most dangerous and volatile situations, the sort of disasters that never make it on the nightly news because the slightest mention might cause a countrywide panic. Nuclear-charged terrorists, cult extremists wired with sarin gas and genetically-manipulated thugs. V.I.C.E. deals with all of them. They deal with absolutes, the direst of threats that seek to destroy the American way of life. V.I.C.E. stands firm between the madmen of the world and the average citizen.

V.I.C.E. was originally formed when the number of terrorist attacks on America and her allies became too frequent and sinister for standard branches of law enforcement and national security to handle. The FBI decided to form a specialized unit comprised not just of unique individuals with abilities beyond that of normal people, but individuals with nothing to lose. Individuals who had done horrible things and were strangely comfortable with it. Given the nature of what the unit would be up against, there was no room in V.I.C.E. for a soft heart or a conscience. These needed to be bad men doing an even worse job or else the unit would become crippled and cave in under its own inadequacy.

John "Beck" Beckingham is not one of these bad men, despite what he tries to tell himself. Sentenced to death for the accidental murder of his teenage love during an armed robbery, Beck is a telekinetic whose powers create a TK field around every molecule of his body making him impervious to everything: bullets, needles, gas, you name it. When they tried to use lethal injection to carry out Beck's sentence, it didn't work. The gas chamber didn't work either. Neither did the electric chair or the firing squad. In order to fulfill his debt to society, Beck was assigned to V.I.C.E. because his invulnerability would prove useful to the unit and their efforts. Beck figured this would be his chance to make up for the misery his actions reaped, although secretly he hoped that V.I.C.E. might be his chance to finally find something that might end his life for good.

The rest of Beck's V.I.C.E. unit is a Who's Who of unstable soldiers and maladjusted genetic freaks. Benjamin "SWAT" Adams is a telepath and field leader for the unit. SWAT can jump into anyone's mind at any time and control him or her like a puppet. SWAT is supported by a squad of his own soldiers known as the 10-Pins, whose sole purpose is to be puppets that SWAT can sink his psychic hooks into. SWAT's powers are an incredible asset to the team but his perverted nature finds him using his powers too often for less than noble reasons.

Lane "India" Milan is the team's designated assassin. India is a mentally unstable, ferrokinetic with control over a rare metal called Indium. The FBI mined enough of the metal for three bullets worth. With India's ability to warm, reform and mold the metal any way she can imagine, it's two bullets more than she actually needs. Floyd "Novo" Kane was born without pain receptors, which made him the perfect candidate for cybernetic implants. Novo is more man than machine, acting as the team's very own living and breathing computer system.

Ray "Lucky" Wise was a profiler for the FBI, tracking serial killers until his pyrokinetic abilities landed him in V.I.C.E. While Lucky is immune to heat and can manipulate fire, he can only self-generate a few sparks. Lucky's bloated ego prevents him from feeling inadequate about it though; after all, he's a firm believer that it's not the size of your fire that matters, but the heat of the flame.

Agent Shepard, also called Sol, is the FBI coordinator assigned to oversee V.I.C.E. Aside from being a dominating and stoic leader, Sol is also a precog who uses a combination of number theory, fuzzy logic and his own natural precognitive abilities to predict when disasters will happen before they actually do.

In the end, that’s the entire point of V.I.C.E., the very reason it was formed by the FBI: to turn major catastrophes into minor accidents. Despite their flaws, V.I.C.E. is still our best line of defense against those who threaten America and her citizens.

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