The Darkness Point of Sale Items

THE DARKNESS Point of Sale Downloads!

Darkness point of saleRide the wave surrounding the fantastic hype for THE DARKNESS II video game and help your store promote the Top Cow Universe Rebirth of THE DARKNESS to your stalwart customer base with these bangin' Point of Sale downloads, courtesy of us here at The Cow!

Download the THE DARKNESS web banner bundle HERE!   Included is a 728 x 90 pixel Leaderboard banner, a 160 x 600 pixel Wide Skyscraper banner, and a 300 x 250 pixel Medium Rectangle banner.  It's everything you need for your store's website to let your web savvy shoppers know you carry the finest of Top Cow's publications.

Download a high-resolution promotional large THE DARKNESS poster designed to print out on an 11 x 17 in sheet HERE!  Hang it in the window to attract new customers who have yet to be converted to the wonderful world of comics.  Hang it by the register to remind your loyal pull-listers to order their personal copy of THE DARKNESS! Bonus points for getting to print it out as glossy or as matte as you desire!

Download a high-resolution promotional small THE DARKNESS poster designed to print out on an 8.5 x 11 in sheet HERE!  Similar to its 11 x 17 sibling, this design is ideal for the ambitious storekeeper whose shortage of bare wall space is inversely proportional to the bare columns on his (or her) Diamond Retailer Order Form.  Sometimes compact is king.  Also available is a comic book page size flyer version of the 8.5 x 11 in sheet HERE! for you to photocopy and slip into each of your customers' shopping bags! Or get all D.I.Y. and start staple-gunnin' them on telephone posts around the neighborhood!

Download small THE DARKNESS Flyers HERE!  These are ideal for subversively slipping between the pages of customers' other comics as they make their purchases. Because sometimes the best time to remind a fan that she needs to pick up the latest issue of THE DARKNESS is while she's reading a comic!

Download THE DARKNESS Shelf-Talkers HERE! Get two great designs for the megabyte space of one! Have your THE DARKNESS adoring staff gush over their favorite title in double whammy that both exhibits your discerning tastes and acts as a personalized call-to-action to buy the comic from you. Or, if you're short on time, use our shelf-talker with our advertising copy designed into the book.