Witchblade Cover Artifacts

The Top Cow Universe is full of secrets, myths and hidden mysteries and no title embodies that more than our flagship comic book - Witchblade! And now, thanks to cover artist John Tyler Christopher, the mysteries and the myths aren't just contained the story pages between the covers. Beginning with Witchblade #151, every "A" cover of Witchblade illustrated by JTC contains a hidden puzzle which, when solved, grants its decoder an exclusive reward. Below you can view each cover (although you can see the beautiful art much better in the printed versions of the comics and the Witchblade: Rebirth vol. 1 trade collection!).

Find the clues (or "Artifacts") hidden in the cover and then solve the puzzle. When you've solved the puzzle click on the link next to the cover and enter the correct password to unlock exclusive content including high resolution wallpapers, behind-the-scenes process pieces, and other goodies!

witchblade cover artifacts | issue #151

The writing was on the wall that things would not be looking up for Sara Pezzini after her move to Chicago starting in Witchblade #151.  What secret lies behind the cover of the Top Cow Universe Rebirth kick-off issue to Witchblade?  Hint: It helps to not be afraid of the Dark.

Click on the cover image to the left to get a better look – or better yet, pick up Witchblade #151 in print and get the best view!

Password protected content

Think you've solved the cover to Witchblade #151? Type in your answer here!

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