Eric Basaldua

Penciller / Inker

Name: Eric Basaldua
Alias: e.Bas
Occupation: Penciller/Inker
Base of Operations/Secret Hideout: The City of Alhambra
Current work/First Top Cow published work: First work – Ink Assists on The Darkness #32 under the supervision of Billy Tan
Bio: Coming Soon!

Major Enemies: Editors and Deadlines.  California Natives are born to be lazy procrastinators!
Favorite Top Cow Comics: Hunter-Killer – it’s the most organic book Marc has created in my opinion.  For nostalgic reasons, Cyberforce, it’s one of the two books that changed my life (alongside WildC.A.T.S.).
Major weaknesses: Thongs.  And Captain Morgan.  My fiancée, Amanda... in a thong.
If the world was going to end, how would you want it to end? That the world would fall out of a plane and crash into the ground.
Which Artifact would you bear? The Thong Artifact.  It was the 14th Artifact that was cast aside.
Favorite Convention Story (or Convention Horror story): Too many to tell. I'll have to get back to you on that one.
Donut of choice: The Apple Fritter
Secret Ambition: To inspire people to be less shy and shove them out of their protective bubble that they walk around with.
The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Marie Calendar’s cream cheese cake.
Drink of Choice: I’ll say it again, Captain Morgan and Diet Coke
Famous Last Words: GO A$$!!!
What reality TV show would you star in and why? I don’t watch TV.  I buy the boxed sets of real shows.