Kenneth Rocafort


Name: Kenneth Rocafort

Alias: kr., Kenny, Ken, (TMF)

Occupation: Illustrator

Base of Operations/Secret Hideout: My Bedroom

Current work/First Top Cow published work: Velocity/ Hunter-Killer #9

Bio: Born in Mayag├╝ez, Puerto Rico and still alive... for the moment.

Major Enemies: Time

Favorite Top Cow Comics: Cyberforce

Major Weaknesses: I will never say it!

If the world was going to end, how would you want it to end? Like it was written.

Which Artifact would you bear: The kr. Artifact.  Just made that up!

Favorite Convention Horror Story: A few years ago at a convention in Chicago, I got photo of myself with all of the founders of Image Comics, and then the camera card was damaged and I lost the pic :(

Donut of choice: The one I haven't eaten yet.

Secret Ambition: It's still a secret!

Best thing I ever ate: Too many things come to mind...

Drink of Choice: Mojito from Tamboo, Rincon, Puerto Rico.  Bartender: Nestor Acevedo.

There is no vacation in comics.  But if you had time off, what would you do: Go to the beach and surf.

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