Echoes of Murder

Can You Inherit Murder?

Echoes #1 Order Echoes and Challenge Your Preconceptions of Sanity.

This winter, Alibi and Cyblade writer Joshua Hale Fialkov brings you the most challenging tale of murder and mystery for 2011 with the five part series Echoes. With the haunting art of Rahsan Ekedal, you will question what it means to be insane and what evil lurks behind the smiles of your loved ones.

Can we truly escape our family legacy... or is it possible to inherit murder?

Preview the first issue here. Read the first issue in its entirety in the Top Cow First Look trade paperback, available for purchase from the Top Cow Store. But the only way you can guarantee that you'll be able to read the entirety of the twisting and twisted tale is for you – the fans – to go to your local comic book retailer and tell them to order your copy of Echoes.

Print out this attached flyer so your local comic book store knows that you are in charge and that you are the type of person who demands quality. Because fans of Top Cow don’t settle for whatever dreck the "Big Two" glut the Previews catalog with. Fans of Top Cow demand dark and challenging comics.

We create. We create new ideas, new stories, new characters. But new creations are fragile creatures. And we need your help.

We’re not interested in directionless flavor-of-the-month crossovers and event crises that succeed in only separating the lemmings from the cash in their wallets. We are not another indifferent publisher cashing in on comic book adaptations of preexisting TV and reality series. We aren’t owned by bullying transnational corporations who pay attention to nothing but the bottom line and would slap the Darkness logo on children's pajamas and brand Angelus SPF lip balm.

Retailers want to help you. But they need assurance. You need to prove to them you aren’t a Wednesday Warrior of founded on bad purchasing habits founded what comics you read in the '90s. You need to prove to them you care about what you buy at their brick and mortar comic book store. You need to make sure your retailer orders Echoes. Let's admit it, your retailer is having a hard time keeping track of all of those New-Young-Secret-Whatever-Avengers and ubiquitous Green Lantern books they have to order for their other customers who are too timid and embarrassed to try something new that they might actually love.

Otherwise, instead of inheriting a wonderful tale of murder, you'll inherit Countdown to the Latest Final Crisis of Spider-Man Meets the Brady Bunch 2099 A.D. Which would be a shame. We’re all too good to tolerate rampant and bland licensing.

Order Echoes today.