Vice picked up for film!

Bringing "V.I.C.E." to the Big Screens

Top Cow Productions is partnering with Platinum Studios, a producer for the upcoming Cowboys & Aliens, and Andrew Lazar, to bring audiences the live-action film V.I.C.E.   Andrew Lazar and Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, the CEO of Platinum Studios, will be producing the film alongside executive producer Randy Greenberg and Top Cow's Matt Hawkins and Marc Silvestri.

V.I.C.E. was a five-issue mini-series released back in 2005 by Top Cow Productions. The series was co-created by Top Cow's President Matt Hawkins, and television writer Aron Coleite (Heroes, Crossing Jordan). Featuring the beautiful art of Tyler Kirkham, V.I.C.E. tells the story of a group of super-powered felons trying to clear their records by fighting the battles too challenging for everyday law enforcement.

V.I.C.E. follows John "Beck" Beckingham, who discovers he has super powers and goes on a crime spree, robbing gas stations where he can -- that is until one of his robberies results in the death of an innocent bystander.

Beck is arrested and sentenced to death, but due to his abilities to generate a telepathic force field around himself he is impossible to kill.  The government sentences him to work for a military task group called Violent Incident Control Enforcement (V.I.C.E.) to pay for his crimes.  Working alongside other super-powered felons, Beck is now fighting for the greater good.  He now has a chance to redeem himself for his past crimes, but only if he learns to work alongside the other troubled members of the V.I.C.E. squad.

Fans should prepare themselves for one awesome action flick!

-Chis Platika and Alex Galer, Top Cow Junior Moosmen