Last Mortal Spotlight

Pretty-boy immortals seem to be all the rage these days, but what if one of these so-called "glamorous" beings was just an an average, down-on-his-luck petty criminal?

That's the question that Filip Sablik and John Mahoney pose LAST MORTAL, Top Cow's newest creation from Minotaur Press. The story introduces us to Alec and Brian, partners in crime and best friends to boot. But, when Brian dies as a result of their latest misdeed going horribly awry, Alec decides to put a bullet in his own brain... and then wakes up, alive.

The story was so intriguing to nation-wide publication USA Today that they interviewed Sablik and Mahoney about the project. The duo explained that in LAST MORTAL, they wanted to take a unique approach to the idea of immortality. "Death is often called the last escape, so what if you pushed this man further and took away even his last escape? What if he couldn't die? Now he would be forced to face all of the bad choices he had made throughout his life and, hopefully, somehow resolve them."

With Thomas Nachlik's stark art reflecting a mood of contemporary urban decay, LAST MORTAL's visuals are well-equipped to tackle the tale of Alec, who seems to conceal a more complex nature underneath his exterior "loser" persona.

"Our lives are a series of critical decisions," Sablik said, "and we've tried to hint that had Alec made some better decisions earlier in his life, he might not be in his current situation."

Originally conceived by Sablik and Mahoney when they were in high school, LAST MORTAL has been literal years in the making. Finally brought to life by Top Cow and Minotaur Press with the talented hand of Nachlik, LAST MORTAL will be coming at you on May 25th. Make sure you don't miss out on this unique, reality-based take on the supernatural!

~Erin Perkins, Top Cow Junior Mooswoman