Preorder Think Tank!

On August 1st, the science action thriller Minotaur Press’ THINK TANK will hit your LCS and the main question we have for you Herders is, are you ready for it?

Child prodigy, inventor, genius, slacker… mass murderer are all ways to describe the brilliant Dr. David Loren, however. when he decides he can no longer create weapons of mass destruction, will be be able to think this way out of this trouble or get himself even deeper in it?

If you’re a fan of Image Comics' MANHATTAN PROJECTS and THE ACTIVITY, you’re gonna want to pick up THINK TANK!

The writer behind THINK TANK has this to say:

"Dr. Loren's life and situation are my commentary on American so-called exceptionalism in a modern day setting with real science and weapons that you've never heard of that do actually exist,"  said writer Matt Hawkins. "The drones you see on TV flying in Afghanistan are decades-old technology. We marvel at these but the stuff coming out of DARPA and actual think tanks today rivals some of the most creative stuff you see in the best science fiction."

Go on ahead and PREORDER THINK TANK  by using the order code JUN120435 at your LCS!

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