Out 01/30/2013: Darkness #110, Preview Now

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Out 01/30/2013: Darkness #110, Preview Now

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The Darkness #110 Cover Pick up the exciting conclusion to the Breaking Dark story arc in the Darkness #110, out Wednesday, January 30th!

There is something terribly, terribly wrong with Jackie Estacado's daughter Hope. But with Jenny's fragile mental state and the empire he created for himself crumbling around him, Jackie has failed to notice that his greatest problem isn't the Bulgarian mob, Aram the Witch King, or the ancient powers he's allowed back into the world - it's Hope!

Check out the preview for The Darkenss #110 below:

The Darkness #110 Cover Thumbnail The Darkness #110 Inside Front Cover Thumbnail The Darkness #110 Page One Thumbnail
The Darkness #110 Page Two Thumbnail The Darkness #110 Page Three Thumbnail The Darkness #110 Page Four Thumbnail

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