Out 04/24/2013: The Darkness #112, Preview Now

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Out 04/24/2013: The Darkness #112, Preview Now

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The Darkness #112 Cover The fantastical continuation of The Darkness is out on April 24th, with issue #112!

On the verge of adolescence, Jackie's daughter Hope is following in her father's footsteps and is starting to grow into the young lady that she was always destined to become. But there is Darkness in her blood. And when she wanders into the woods alone, surrounded by things that go bump in the night, Hope wonders if she is the creature to actually fear.

Too curious to wait and see the issue until Wednesday? Then check out the preview below!

The Darkness #112 Cover Thumbnail The Darkness #112 Credits Thumbnail The Darkness #112 Page 1 Thumbnail
The Darkness #112 Page 2 Thumbnail The Darkness #112 Page 3 Thumbnail The Darkness #112 Page 4 Thumbnail

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