39 Minutes Hits Stores 7/31/2013

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39 Minutes Hits Stores 7/31/2013

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39 Minutes Trade Cover Robbing a bank is easy – it's the getaway that's hard.

The brainchild of acclaimed writer William Harms, and 2010 Pilot Season winner, 39 Minutes explores a violent alternative to pulling off the ultimate heist: just kill off all of the witnesses. Drawn by the talented up-and-comer Jerry Lando, this unique take on the classic bank robbery genre follows John Clayton, a disgraced ex-Marine in the employ of the FBI. Clayton's former unit, now embittered and jaded toward the country they once served, begin a brutal crime spree across the middle United States, shredding anyone who crosses their path. With a window of only 39 minutes to successfully rob a bank, anyone – cops, civilians, even John Clayton – becomes a target.

Pick up the hardcover trade of the riveting hit that Comic Book Jesus is calling both "bloody and profane." This trade includes exclusive script and pencils drafts, the original pilot chapter, and a first look at the upcoming series by William Harms, Shotgun Wedding. A sharp and frantic look at the lives of American veterans, 39 Minutes is sure to be one of the coolest, and most poignant, books of the year. Don't rob yourself of the opportunity to read it!

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