A New Arc for Aphrodite!

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A New Arc for Aphrodite + Artifacts #32!

Aphrodite IX #6 You heard us right, folks! With its sixth issue, Aphrodite IX sets off on a whole new story arc, as our emerald-haired assassin ventures forth into the desolate lands.

Free from the mind control of the devious Burch and developing a personality of her own for the first time, and cut loose from her bonds with the Gen, Aphrodite begins a journey of self-discovery – and it will take her to some very unexpected places and reveal the secrets of the Aphrodite Protocol itself! Along with a new direction in plot, Aphrodite IX artist Stjepan Sejic has switched to a new, more traditional art style that's full analog. We think it fits Aphrodite's new personality nicely!

Check out the preview below, and start following the series that Bloody Disgusting calls "an epic visual experience" today. To catch up on the first story arc, check out the first trade paperback edition of Aphrodite IX: REBIRTH, on the Top Cow Store! 

Also in stores next week is the 32nd issue of Top Cow's Universe-centric series, Artifacts. The latest issue, and final in the latest story arc, features defrocked priest Tom Judge and his assistant Tilly Grimes taking a leisurely train ride...straight to hell! Check out the preview below for what marks the final and farewell issue of critically-acclaimed writer Ron Marz's epic run on Artifacts. To read the series from the beginning, check out the collected trade paperbacks! 

What are you waiting for – flip through those previews, add 'em to your pull, and grab two of the hottest series on the shelves!

Aphrodite IX #6 Preview

Aphrodite IX #6 Page 4 Thumbnail Aphrodite IX #6 Page 5 Thumbnail Aphrodite IX #6 Page 6 Thumbnail
Aphrodite IX #6 Page 7 Thumbnail Aphrodite IX #6 Page 8 Thumbnail Aphrodite IX #6 Page 9 Thumbnail

Artifacts #32 Preview

Artifacts #32 Page 7 Thumbnail Artifacts #32 Page 8 Thumbnail Artifacts #32 Page 9 Thumbnail
Artifacts #32 Page 10 Thumbnail Artifacts #32 Page 11 Thumbnail Artifacts #32 Page 12 Thumbnail

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