The 2013 Talent Hunt Deadline (1/31) is Fast Approaching!

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The 2013 Talent Hunt Deadline (1/31) is Fast Approaching!

The Barn

Hey, all you wannabe writers and artists! 

We hope you're hard at work on your scripts and art submissions, because you've only got a little over a month to submit them! That's right, as I'm sure you know, because I'm sure you've read the rules, the final cutoff date for submissions to the 2013 Top Cow Talent Hunt is January 31st, 2014.

Hopefully you've visited our Talent Hunt Forum, where you can read all of the rules, regulations and posts regarding the Talent Hunt, as well as pose questions to the Top Cow Team. Additionally, the Talent Hunt Forum is a great place to get in touch with upcoming writers and artists, to compare notes on style, query about the Top Cow Universe, or just get a feel for the competition!

This is your friendly reminder - if you're putting the finishing touches on your work, great! If you're just getting started, well, you better get your butt in gear! Looking forward to reading your submissions, and good luck!

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