Cyberforce #8 and Witchblade #172 - A Double Whammy on 1/29!

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Cyberforce #8 and Witchblade #172 - A Double Whammy on 1/29!

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Buy print edition now

Cyberforce #8 Here comes a Top Cow Twofer!

As you can see, Marc Silvestri's Cyberforce #8 surges on strongly midway through the acclaimed-series' second story arc, as the team races against time to save the mortally wounded Ripclaw - but as you'll see in the preview belong, the gang's having some trouble, and it's only going to get worse with Ripclaw's old enemy, the murderous Killjoy, on the loose.

Also out this week, our fan favorite and flagship, Witchblade #172, (Buy Print Edition, Buy Digital Edition) features Top Cow's gauntlet-toting heroine facing up against the new Angelus in town, but the Witchblade isn't back on her arm...yet! With more stunning art by Laura Braga and Betsy Gonia bringing Ron Marz's nailbiter of a script to life, the "Born Again" arc is something you won't want to miss!

Look over the previews below, and we know you'll be adding them to your pull - if you haven't already!

Cyberforce #8:

Cyberforce #8 Page 4 Thumbnail Cyberforce #8 Page 5 Thumbnail Cyberforce #8 Page 6 Thumbnail
Cyberforce #8 Page 7 Thumbnail Cyberforce #8 Page 8 Thumbnail Cyberforce #8 Page 9 Thumbnail

Witchblade #172:

Witchblade #172 Page 1 Thumbnail Witchblade #172 Page 2 Thumbnail Witchblade #172 Page 3 Thumbnail
Witchblade #172 Page 4 Thumbnail Witchblade #172 Page 5 Thumbnail Witchblade #172 Page 6 Thumbnail

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