Return of Twilight Guardian

Top Cow's Twilight Guardian

Real-life is for losers, that is why I live in comic books.  Responsibilities and relationships can be checked at the door because the equation in here is always simple: Good guy + Bad guy = ensuing Fight Sequence.  And then everything is resolved and the world is in harmonious order, right?  These days that might not make for much critical acclaim, but it is still rather satisfying.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I opened Twilight Guardian and found myself suddenly back in "the real world," no twists, no mutant-spiders, no 13 mystical Artifacts, just nine suburban blocks and an obsessive-compulsive woman.  Well, at least this woman and I share an understanding of classic, satisfying, super-hero justice, even if she is crazy... and trying to escape into the world of a super-hero... (heh heh, not like me at all).

Alright, at first the 'slice-o-life' aspect was a groan, but rather suddenly I was connecting with the protagonist and felt immersed in her environment―so I have to give praise to writer Troy Hickman (Common Grounds).  The man is telling a story that works on multiple levels, especially for comic readers and insomniacs, and he does it without a single fight sequence.  He also managed to make peanut-butter and bologna sound appealing, though perhaps I was just really hungry.

Sandwiches aside, Twilight Guardian is bringing something new to the table, even if she has been around for awhile -- playing neighborhood-watch since the early nineties in Hickman's independent comic "Tales of the Pathetic Club."  This comic pulls together the best, character driven elements of independent "real world" comics, while telling a story about super heroes -- why they do what they do, and why, certain people, like to read about it. 

Yes, a new kind of indie-superhero has arrived, fully clothed and in a hoodie I might add (move over Sara Pezzini), but what can we expect from her?

Later this month Twilight Guardian will be taking the next step in her heroic quest as a new limited series prepares to launch.  The Pilot Season issue was so well contained in delving into its environment and character but you won't believe what will be translated in the full series.  Will there be enough action?  Suspense?  Yes.  But nothing is as you expect it.

The bottom line: I am glad I read it, so consider picking up the original Pilot Season issue and the new series when it arrives on the scene.  I am not sure if it is a comedy or tragedy, but I think there is room on the shelf for fans of either.

-Jose Kessler, Top Cow Informant